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Baxi Megaflo System 32 Gas Boiler

From: £2,099.00

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Megaflo System 32 Gas Boiler

Is Condensing


Efficiency Rating


Band Rating

A Rated

LPG Compatible


Standard Warranty

7 Years

Central Heating Max. Output



Wall Mounted

Flow Rate


ERP Rating

A Heat

Product Description

The Baxi Megaflo 32 system gas boiler is a condensing unit designed for installation alongside a hot water cylinder.

How efficient is the Baxi Megaflo 32?

Baxi Megaflo boilers are highly efficient heating systems as shown by the 92% efficiency rating. Being so efficient has seen the units earn an ErP A-rating for heat.

Is the output rating suitable for my home?

This is the most powerful system boiler in the Megaflo range and has a central heating output rating of 32 kW making it suitable for installation within a property that has 20 radiators.

Are there any other options in the Baxi Megaflo range?

If your property doesn’t need such a powerful boiler then models with 15 kW, 18 kW, 24 kW and 28 kW are also available.

Is a system boiler the right choice for my home?

System boilers are the ideal heating system for properties with 2 or more bathrooms as they store hot water in a cylinder so can meet the higher demand. This requires more space for the cylinder in addition to the boiler.

How long is the warranty period?

Baxi Megaflo boilers come with an extensive warranty period of 7 years which will see that you’re well covered after the installation.

What are the key features of the Baxi Megaflo 32?

Built with brass components of the highest quality, the Baxi Megaflo delivers reliable and efficient performance. Plus, there’s a wide range of flue lengths to give you a flexible choice of locations for the installation.

How big is the Baxi Megaflo 32?

This boiler has been designed for wall-mounted installation and measures 780x450x345mm (HxWxD).