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Ideal Logic Combi C30 Gas Boiler

From: £1,949.00

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Logic Combi C30 Gas Boiler

Is Condensing


Efficiency Rating


Band Rating

A Rated

LPG Compatible


Standard Warranty

2 Years

Central Heating Max. Output

24.2 kW


Wall Mounted

Flow Rate

12.4 l/min

ERP Rating

A Heat A Water

Hot Water Max. Output

30.3 kW

Product Description

The Logic C30, designed and manufactured by Ideal, is a gas combi boiler that’s suited for installation in properties with 1 bathroom and an en suite.

How efficient is the Ideal Logic C30?

This boiler has the potential to lower your energy bills thanks to the ErP A-rating for heating and hot water and 94% efficiency. To put this into context, for every £1 spent on heating your home, only 6p is lost. This is highly efficient performance, especially when you consider older boilers can have an efficiency as low as 70%.

Is the output rating suitable for my home?

A central heating output of 24.2 kW and domestic hot water output of 30.3kW means that the Logic C24 is suited to properties with around 10 radiators and a single bathroom as well as an en suite.

Are there any more options in the Ideal Logic range?

For homes with 1 bathroom, the C24 could be a better option and for larger properties with 2 bathrooms there’s the C35 which has a DHW output of 35.3 kW. All have the same CH output of 24.2 kW, suitable for homes with 6-10 radiators.

How long is the warranty period?

A 2 year parts and labour warranty is available as standard on the Ideal Logic C24 and the heat exchanger is covered with a 10 year warranty.

What are the key features of the Logic C30?

Ideal have made sure that their Logic C30 has a number of features, which include low output modulation to increase efficiency, boiler frost protection to prevent winter from freezing during the winter, a built-in filling loop and backlit digital display.

How big is this boiler?

One of the biggest benefits of a combi boiler is that they’re compact in size and the dimensions of 700x395x278mm (HxWxD) make this a very compact boiler that can be installed within a standard kitchen cupboard.