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Vaillant ecoFIT pure 625 System Gas boiler

From: £2,399.00

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ecoFIT pure 625 System Gas boiler

Is Condensing


Efficiency Rating


Band Rating

A Rated

LPG Compatible


Standard Warranty

10 Years

Central Heating Max. Output

25.4 kW


Wall Mounted

Flow Rate


ERP Rating

A Heat

Product Description

Designed and manufactured by Vaillant, the ecoFIT Pure 625 is a condensing system boiler that runs on natural gas.

How efficient is the ecoFIT Pure 625?

The ecoFIT Pure 625 is a very efficient boiler, as shown by the efficiency rating of 94% and ErP A-rating. This means that installing this boiler could potentially lower your energy bills.

Is the output rating suitable for my home?

A central heating output rating of 25.4 kW means that this boiler is best suited to properties with around 15 radiators.

Are any other options available in the ecoFIT Pure range?

If your property has closer to 20 radiators then the ecoFIT Pure 630 could be the better option. However, if you have fewer than 15 radiators than there are models in this range with outputs of 12, 15, and 18 kW too.

Is a system boiler suitable for my home?

In addition to the boiler itself, space will also be needed for the installation of a hot water cylinder. This is where the domestic hot water is stored and heated until a hot water outlet is turned on. This allows system boilers to meet higher demands for hot water but does mean that you will need additional space for the cylinder.

How long is the warranty period?

Vaillant have attached a 2 year warranty as standard to their ecoFIT Pure boilers. This can be extended to 7 years if the installation is carried out by a Vaillant Advance installer.

What are the key features of the ecoFIT Pure 625?

This boiler comes with a top and rear flue option on all boilers in the range thus allowing for flexible sitting and making it perfect to fit in a wide range of property types. With it also being a compact boiler this means it’s able to fit in a standard sized cupboard making it easy to hide away. This boiler comes with a clear LED display making it perfect to see where lighting may be limited.

This unit comes with a high specification aluminum heat exchanger which is designed so the unit lasts longer, can be maintained easier and helps to reduce the energy bills.

Another great thing this unit comes with is its high quality components helping to offer peace of mind for the lifetime of the product. As well as this it comes with industry leading flue lengths of 10m across all ecoFIT boilers. This boiler has a 4 sided cooling and agitation of the heat exchanger, helping to reduce the stress on the heat exchanger to help the boiler have a longer life, better reliability and another great way to reduce the maintenance cost.

This boiler is compatible with Vaillant’s range of intelligent controls this giving you another way to make the boiler even more energy efficient than it already is as well as save you even more money than you can already save.

How big is the ecoFIT Pure 625?

The ecoFIT Pure 625 is a compact unit, small enough to be installed within a kitchen cupboard thanks to dimensions of 700 x 390 x 295mm (HxWxD).