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Vaillant ecoTEC exclusive Green iQ 627 System Gas Boiler

From: £2,599.00

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ecoTEC exclusive Green iQ 627 System Gas Boiler

Is Condensing


Efficiency Rating


Band Rating

A Rated

LPG Compatible


Standard Warranty

10 Years

Central Heating Max. Output

26.7 kW


Wall Mounted

Flow Rate


ERP Rating

A Heat

Product Description

The ecoTEC exclusive green IQ is a condensing wall-mounted system gas manufactured by Vaillant.

How efficient is the Vaillant ecoTEC exclusive Green iQ 627?

An efficiency rating of 94% and ErP A-rating for heat make this a highly efficient boiler that could help to lower your energy bills.

Is the output rating suitable for my home?

System boilers have a central heating (CH) output rating which relates to the size of the central heating system it’s able to heat up. This boiler has a CH output of 26.7 kW, making it well suited to homes with around 20 radiators.

Are any other options available in this range?

The 627 is the only ecoTEC exclusive Green iQ boiler available. However, Vaillant offer a wide range of system boilers in other ranges including the ecoTEC Plus range which includes outputs from 12 kW up to 37 kW.

Is a system boiler suitable for my home?

A system boiler is an ideal option for properties with a high demand for domestic hot water. This is because they store hot water in a cylinder so can deliver hot water to multiple hot water outlets at the same time – without a drop in pressure.

How long is the warranty period?

As standard, the ecoTEC exclusive with Green iQ comes with a 5 year warranty. When installed by a Vaillant Advance Installer, this can be extended to 7 or 10 years.

what are the key features of the Vaillant ecoTEC exclusive 627?

This boiler comes with a range of smart technologies and features with it being able to manage consumption and output.

It comes with a wide modulation range of up to 1:10 making it perfect to adapt to every situation and help you not use any more energy than you need which helps in saving you money and cutting down your energy bills. Another thing this boiler is available with is an extra condense heat exchanger helping to take the boilers efficiency to the next level and another way in which it helps cutting down your energy bills.

With the boiler having a green IQ mode it gives outstanding eco credits that helps to make the best out of running cycles and helps to keep gas consumption even lower with it also being 85% recyclable at the end of the units life.

How big is the ecoTEC exclusive with Green iQ 627?

This model has dimensions of 720x440x338mm (HxWxD).