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Worcester Bosch Greenstar Highflow 440CDi Combi Gas Boiler

From: £3,229.00

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Worcester Bosch


Greenstar Highflow 440CDi Combi Gas Boiler

Is Condensing


Efficiency Rating


Band Rating

A Rated

LPG Compatible


Standard Warranty

Up to 7 Years

Central Heating Max. Output

29.2 kW


Floor standing

Flow Rate

20 l/min

ERP Rating


Hot Water Max. Output

29.5 kW

Product Description

This highly reliable boiler, designed and manufactured by Worcester Bosch, is the Highflow 440CDi, a condensing combi that runs on gas.

How efficient is the 440CDi?

A Seasonal Space Heating Efficiency Rating of 92% and ErP A-rating for heat, makes the Greenstar Highflow 440 CDi a highly efficient boiler. As well as being efficient at heating a home, it also has an A-rating for hot water too, providing a high flow rate of 20 litres per minute.

Will a boiler of this size suit my home?

The Highflow 440Cdi has a 29 kW output rating, which makes it best suited to larger homes with 2+ bathrooms and a higher demand for heating and hot water.

What options are available in this boiler range?

As well as the 29 kW unit, a 30 kW Greenstar Highflow boiler is also available. You’ll also have the choice of a unit that runs on natural gas or LPG too.

Where can this boiler be installed?

This is a floor-standing compact boiler that can be installed under a kitchen worktop to be kept out of sight and out of mind. A frost protection feature means that it can even be installed in a loft or garage too.

Will this money save me money?

Thanks to being highly efficient, the 440CDi can help to reduce your energy bills and being easy to install will keep installation costs down.

Is a combi boiler suitable for my home?

Combi boilers are great for smaller properties where space is limited as they don’t require an external water tank or cylinder, since everything is wrapped up in one cost effective unit.

What are the key features of the Greenstar Highflow 440CDi?

As a Worcester Bosch boiler, it comes recommended by the Energy Saving Trust, proving its efficiency and reliability. The Greenstar Highflow be used with mechanical, digital, wireless and new-generation intelligent controls, offers a seven day programmable room thermostat (24 hours also available), frost protection, electronic ignition, pump seizure protection, fault finding diagnostics, anti-cycle device and rollers on the base to minimise risk of floor damage.

Does this boiler come with a warranty?

Available with a 5 year warranty as standard, that can be upgraded when installed by a Worcester accredited installer, you’ll be well covered long after the installation.